University of Chicago Go Club


We are a club at the University of Chicago where you can play Go! UChicago Go club meets weekly to practice and learn strategy and skill. Practices are Wednesdays from 4-7 at Hutchinson Commons.

Learning Go can take less than 30 minutes, although mastering Go can take a lifetime.!

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The Game of Go

Go is a game of skill involving no elements of chance. Play begins with an empty board, and as each participant makes their own decisions, the board randomly transforms into a game of battles and compromises between the stones.

There are possibly over 10200 different game patterns available. This number is a vastly larger than the estimated number of atoms in the entire universe. Go is one of the best mind games to hone concentration, creativity, and decision-making skills. Many institutions regard Go as an excellent tool that can teach students how to “learn to study and think by themselves”. For adults and the elderly, playing go can improve communication skills, relieve stress, hone instincts and even prevent dementia.

A Short Video About Alpha-Go

Helpful Links

Kiseido Go Server

KGS connects go players from around the world

Sensei's Library

Contains helpful definitions of vocabulary

American Go Association

The US National go player's association

Go Base

Hosts historical go games


Korean Go Server


Chinese resource for practicing life and death


Older Japanese Go Server

Go Subreddit

Reddit community of go players


Recent game records from professionals

Online Go Server

Live go games hosted

Life in 19x19

Go community forum


In the future, we are planning to produce a book rental system for the University of Chicago Go Club. For now, contact Henry if you are interested in getting resources to study or read. Additionally, you can check this link out here.

Events and Schedule

March 29, 2017

Come Play Go at Hutchinson Commons from 4-7!

April 6, 2017

Come Play Go at Hutchinson Commons from 4-7!

April 13, 2017

Come Play Go at Hutchinson Commons from 4-7!

April 20, 2017

Come Play Go at Hutchinson Commons from 4-7!

Special Thanks

Thank you to the American Go Foundation for their guidance and support in setting up our club.

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